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About us

Welcome to S-Brains

S-brains is all about making the brains smarter, getting the best out of the students. We treat each student differently, understanding his strengths & weaknesses. The motto is to develop & enhance their skill set so that they excel in every field.

Our team is a great combination of youth and experienced tutors that gel up with the students easily.

We have the best of tutors that focus on each student delicately. Their focus is just not to work on the student’s weakness but taking their strengths to the next level. Our batches are no more than 5-8 students hence everyone gets one to one attention. Tutors tend to make a friendly relationship in turn helps students in getting good results.

Another important aspect is creative writing. Our Creative Writing experts are the best that you will find around. We help students write creatively by developing their skill set. We cover each corner case, be it how to start or probably the best way to end, the flow of the write-up or be it use of critical pointers, comments or even real life instances. One of the other prime focuses is the Vocabulary which we develop over time. Our Vocabulary books are exceptionally helpful to students as they tend to learn new words every day. This acts as a boost for students performances not only in Creative Writing but Verbal Skills as well.

Verbal reasoning encompasses the collective ability of a person to understand the meaning of certain information in whatever forms it’s presented, enabling his or her thought-processes thereafter to learn the given information. We help our students improve verbal reasoning by a number of ways.

  • Encourage students to read a variety of books, so that their language skills and ability to understand abstract concepts become sharper.
  • Playing word games like Scrabble is a great way to enhance a child’s vocabulary and reasoning skills.
  • Games like spotting the odd word out, finding synonyms or spelling challenges are also used by educators to assess the verbal reasoning abilities of their students.
  • Help them write out stories – especially creative ones where they have to work out the flow, create the tempo, the reasoning etc.

Mathematics is one of those subjects that we as a teaching unit forte on. In mathematics we focus on below listed pointers:

  • Identifying & Eliminating careless mistakes
  • Development of self-interest
  • Development of self-confidence for problem-solving
  • Development of speed with accuracy.

Our test series is well versed with all type of questions that test the students’ basics along with high level aptitude & reasoning. It is pretty challenging as it is built & modified as per latest trends of 11 plus exam. We ensure that the students go in to the exam well prepared & tested. And our job doesn’t end here. We analyze the results of mocks & help students improve further up. This continuous process of clearing the concepts of the students along with raising their potential bar is highly welcomed by all the parents.

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