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A great news to Share, all my students who prepared for grammar school got places .I would like to thank parent's and children for joined effort with us.

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Great tutors who actually take their time explain and teach not only the kids but the parents as well. Well done Alpana and Jati

Abiodun Babs

Very helpful, committed, dedicated tutor, not only to her pupils but also people living at a distance to her. I love her friendly attitude that she had connected all the parents going through the period of hard work and tension.

Nadia Rana

Very cooperative and helpful team including Alpana and al teachers. Alpana herself and her team is very dedicated and talented. I look forward to completing the 11 plus journey for my son.

Nadia Mansoor

Alpana.... Passionately involved in the success of All Her students, Always giving All her best in making sure the very Best come out of every child by guiding them through and building them up to the Peak of SUCCESS.

Debbie Edwards

My daughter has been going to S brain for last one year, since then I can see the tremendous change in her levels and school result is awesome. Teachers are surprised to see her achieving 98-100% in every subject.

Gaurav Bhatia

This is one of the best group I have seen where Alpana striving to help kids and parents with the eleven plus preparations. After joining the group I came to know that there are still teachers like Alpana who are personally taking care of children and improving their knowledge.

Hima Pa

I haven't seen a tutor so committed to their students like s-brain, full of enthusiastic, I have seen a lot change since my daughter's started attending the class. Thanks so Alpana

Bukola Ola

Alpana is such a lovely & genuinely helpful person giving advice even if your child isn't being taught by her. Her advice has been invaluable & I look forward to my daughter attending her sessions soon.

Aymona Khanom

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